You and I, but never Us

Sometimes I wonder if you chase me or is my karma. We met a little time, but I feel like centuries. I think I’ve dreamed about you before I met you, I think it’s meant to be.
You talk about things that I like, I know that deep down I think thick, boring and impatient, but when I ask if any of those things I think your answer is a smile, a shake of his head and a simple “No, just too honest”
I think we have nothing to do, but I still can not stop thinking how it would be both of us.
I think in the end it does not matter, because it will never happen. Unfortunately, I do not believe in us. There may be chemical, but lacks explosion and biology. Although the way I’m explosion would not fail in our relationship.
I miss what we have neither, the future that was not done with me and you on the same page.
At the end of it all, I did not make any sense, but okay. It was not to have felt was supposed to feel. And this dear reader, is all I have.

Feeling of a Ghost
Eu continuo aqui. Continuo quebrada apesar de todos os sorrisos, me sentindo sozinha mesmo tendo várias pessoas ao meu redor. Eu me sinto podre, oca, Os meus amigos tentam fazer com que eu me sinta melhor, mas não dá. Eu já estou nisso a tanto tempo que eu não sei o que fazer caso eu pare, quem eu serei. Talvez no fim de tudo eu fique bem e feliz. Talvez eu me mate.